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Massage in the Time of Covid, Part 3: Virtual Wellness Appointments

  Hello to all my wonderful clients! I thought it might be helpful to send you a short video to explain some of the ways that a virtual wellness appointment might be helpful for you. Of course, seeing you virtually is no substitute for a hands-on massage appointment, but there are still many ways that I can be there for you if hands-on appointments are not a good option for you right now. One of the main things I’ve been doing in virtual meetings so far is helping people augment their self-care practice. As you know, I’m a big fan of massage tools, and so I can show you different ways to use whatever tools you have. Depending on how I’m feeling on any particular day, I may use really small massage balls like these cork ones, I may use a foam roller or a Theracane, even a giant stability ball. It all depends on what I have available at the time and what parts of my body need the most attention. So we can go over what tools you have and ways that you can use those to get some relief.  An
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Massage in the Time of Covid, Part 2: What is Yomassage?

  Mindfulness + Restorative Postures + Hands-On Massage Therapy Yomassage combines the gentle stretches of restorative yoga with therapeutic touch and a focus on mindful breathing. Each session is an invitation to slow down, to reconnect with your body, and to practice mindful awareness.  You are encouraged to relax for several minutes at a time in different seated or reclining poses, with blankets and bolsters to prop up limbs and help you unwind. Your Yomassage therapist performs skilled therapeutic massage on your back, arms, legs, or neck. Guided meditations and a focus on your breath deepen the stillness you feel.  This is an inspiring new way to receive therapeutic touch that can feel safer or more accessible to many. Because Yomassage sessions are clothed, you can schedule private sessions in your own backyard or living room, or attend a class in a studio. It is a more affordable way to receive therapeutic touch than a traditional table massage session. It can also feel less int

Massage in the Time of Covid-19, Part 1: Mobile Massage

So this is life during a pandemic. We're starting to emerge from our homes little by little, here in Arizona. What does this New Normal look like? What adjustments are you making, especially during this time of back to school and back to work? What is safe and not so safe?  Are you feeling like you need a massage yet?  I am starting to schedule clients again, since our local and state Covid case numbers are trending downward. Here is what you can expect if you schedule a mobile massage appointment with me.  First of all, I'm limiting my appointments to already established clients, at least while we navigate these first steps in the reopening process. As many of you know, I closed my brick and mortar office on Fort Lowell and Tucson Blvd earlier this summer. For now I will be doing mobile massage, which means coming to your homes for sessions. Eventually I will find office space on a very part-time basis in order to see those of you that don't have space or would rather sche